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DEMO – Cause 1

Battambang, where located in the North-West of Cambodia, is one of the highly drought affected province; the farmers lost their rice productions and other crops almost every year due to dry spell or/and drought. Farmers who are living in Bavel commune of Battambang province are facing to drought and dry spell as well. The lack of agricultural adaptation technologies and practices made the communities more vulnerable to climate risk.

Farmer Thim Thy lives in Kampong Chhnang Pire village of Bavel commune, where highly drought affected and about 20 percent is living in poverty. Thy’s family, one of landless and poor households in the village, does rice farming and vegetable garden traditionally. The lack of agricultural capacity and knowledge and combination with drought affected to their agriculture production made her family always fell short. The vegetable productions and incomes were never enough to feed her family which comprised 3 kids and her couple.

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