Progress towards outcomes (Gender in Nutrition)

Acting as the household head, Mr. Sen Channy was always concentrating on his job of doing farming, rice cultivation, and other tasks to get income for his family. He didn’t have time to help his wife for taking care of the children and did other house chores. Since the project started introducing and training about nutrition and WASH to the caregiver group and especially the participatory develop household visioning map by integrating gender is responsible for sharing task to improve the environment of the household, Mr. Sen Channy was interested and willing to take part every time of the training courses.

Feeding nutrition food to their child

By integrating the concept of the gender mainstreaming into always concentrating session of nutrition and WASH, it has been contributing to other tasks the perception of gender particularly the men’s roles in wife for children and doing the house chores. “I would like to thanks the project that trained me about nutrition, how to prepare and the caregiver fish for my children and helped me to develop my household visioning map of,” said Mrs. Yorn Reatrey. She added that “I am so glad now I have my husband has been helping me with preparing food for children, washing clothes when I am busy with other works, and helped me to  improve the household environment such as cleaning rubbish and we have is rubbish bin at home,

Mrs. Yorn Reatrey, 25 years old and her husband, Mr. Sen Channy, 30 years old with two children (son and daughter) age under 5 years old are the one of the caregiver group member who received nutrition and WASH training previously living in Roka Chhmoul village, Kear commune, Moung Russei district, Battambang province.

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