Progress towards outcomes

Participatory of action plan development and implementation is a key approach to contribute in improving the rice field fisheries. Through the funding supports from USAID and coordinates by WorldFish, VSG has been working closely with relevant stakeholders such as, local authorities, CFR committees, and other actors in terms of providing capacity building, coaching and as well as technical assisting for CFR development.

Students releasing brood stock in CFR pond

From this participatory and linkage approaches, the CFR action plans which are proposed to commune council were implemented. “I am so proud to have 3 community fishery refuges (3 CFRs) in my commune. What I promised with my CFR committees to support them their action plans now it is time to working together for our commune” said Mr. Porhn Phoeuth, Reangkesey commune chief. “Even the fish release day we did today was not done in the same day for the national fish day, but we wanted to engage all our villagers, students and especially the new married couple to take part and be aware of participating for conserving our natural resources, rice field fisheries, for our generation as well as for our next generation for all day not just that day” he added. These activities which were planned in the commune action plan will be continuously implemented.

Group photo

“I am happy to coordinate my teachers and students to visit and join this event. And this is my first time to see Boeng Pean Taley CFR pond and take part in releasing fish brood in CFR pond and the message from this event will be disseminated to all of my colleagues and students” said Miss. Moung Khemary, deputy of director of Svay Cheat primary school. 

Villager contributed some money during the brood stock event

There were 231 participants (114 women) including, teachers, commune chief, councilors, village chiefs, village guards, CFR committees, students, and new married couple participated and contributed in releasing the total of 57 kg of brood fishes and 7 turtles (6 kg of catfish, 34 kg of snakehead and 17 kg of climbing perch) and planted 20 fruit trees of CFR banks at 3 CFR ponds, Boeng Pean Taley, Boeng Chipeang, and Bong Yothea located Reangkesey commune.

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