Enguaged for better Natural Resources

Mr. Hub Ran facilitated the community in Phneat Community Fisheries at Banteay Meanchey province.

In early 2019, after attended a training session on Right Way Forward (RWF) community tools organized by VSG, Mr. Hab Ran, the chief of Talom community fishery became the RWF keyperson base in Banteay Meanchey province. 

In February, he actively facilitated 6 CBOs to conducting RWF in community at Banteay Meanchey Province to find priorities issues to set up CBOs action plans and budget plans with their proposal writing to respond the community needs making their lives better through biodiversity conservation. Through his performance in all 6 CBOs at the communities make CBO’s members, CG’s members, authorities and stakeholders recognized his as a capable which he has helped the community a lot in the development of the villages and communes. His actions make him be strong on RWF tools and he can share his knowledge on RWF to another CBO’s members and CG’s members because of duration conducting RWF in the communities he has been coached this session to CBOs leader’s members to assist him

Mr. Soum Rann the chief of GC Banteay Meanchey said that “Mr. Ran was the good gentleman and spend his time helping other communities to works smoothly. He also facilitated on CBO financial managements and RWF”. Conclusion: VSG noticed that RWF or financial focus person so important for helping other CBOs in target to be strong with financial management, problem analysis and problem solving.

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