On behalf of the director, I would like to thank the  Van Tienhoven Foundation that provided VSG the grant for our target groups to improve capacity and manage biodiversity conservation in Toek Thlak and Phnom Ria communities in Tatoak commune, Samlout district, Battambang Province, Cambodia and also thanks so much from the community people and the authorities. 

Our team would like also to thank our board of director and all board members who always supported us and take time to do monitoring of our fieldwork and provide a number of recommendations to improve the ‘People Life’.  

I would like to say thanks to Mr. Chris Solum and Mr. John Anthony, volunteers that have been supported by AVI (Australia Voluntary International), as they have worked with  us to build VSG’s capacity, in particular, the projects management, and have improved our English and provided technical assistance for fund of the Van Tienhoven Foundation (VTF)

Many thanks to our colleagues in VSG and our partner communities who always supported, participated, and provided us field information and photos we needed

Aim of the Project

The aim of the project is to improve the capacity of the remote Cambodian indigenous minority communities of Phnom Ria and Toek Thlak to sustainably manage their community forests. The community-led approach will enable the development and implementation of conservation and sustainable use plans to protect of threatened species and the forest ecosystem, whilst continuing to support their unique culture.


The Phnom Ria and Toek Thlak indigenous communities are located in a remote part of the Battambang Province of northwest Cambodia. They rely on mountain forest ecosystems to support their subsistence and have been afforded rights to the sustainable use of these forests in law. These forests are important ecosystems that support IUCN listed threatened species. However, the communities lack capacity in conservation and sustainable use planning, implementation and monitoring. By building capacity using a community-led approach, these communities will be able to ensure the conservation and sustainable use areas protect threatened species and the ecosystem into the future.

VSG is working with the International Executive Service Corp (IESC) to improve monitoring system and building capacity for sustainable development, we have discussed about the forest management in Tatoak community to explore the sustainable approach for tropical forest management. We cooperated with Forum Syd and IESC including Mekong Bird Resort to organize a training on Eco-tourism for the communities  on 15th January 2018. . IESC and the Mekong Bird Sanctuary were the presenters. It was discussed that the eco-tourism is a key approach for green enterprise development and a sustainable way for biodiversity or species conservation, so it was into the agenda of raising fund, particular for the Van Tienhoven Foundation. The outcome from the meeting was that four proposed forest communities were to be targeted of which Toek Thlak and Phnom Rai were two. Trapeang Thmar and Teapeang Thlok being the other two.