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Village Support Group (VSG) is a local NGO established since 1995. We have been working for community development for more than 25 years at grassroot level in differently project components including: fishery and forestry conservation and improvement, environmental rights development, Good Governance, Advocacy, Rights to access Public information, Agricultural development, Food security, WASH, Nutritional education and Older People Association development.” Right to access information” is one of the projects that initiated contributions to create the ‘Right to Access Information Law’ in Cambodia included local administration reform, increased accountability, and transparency. VSG has a good reputation and strong relationship and networking at sub-national level with government agencies, civil societies, private sectors as well as with communities and CBOs.

Natural resource and environment management

VSG supports and builds the capacity of community fisheries, forests and protected areas to become active committees in the management of sustainable natural resources.

Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition

We only cares about the living conditions, food, occupation for the vulnerable, especially women, children, the elderly, the elderly in the community by building capacity, providing knowledge, technical skills in agriculture and sustainable raising. Empower women to make decisions and participate in project activities without leaving them to suffer socially and environmentally.

Setting up and support clusters of Dimitra Clubs

We have established youth clubs in villages and communes to have the power and determination to address challenges, plan solutions to meet the needs of local people, especially poor and vulnerable families.









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Mrs. Ros Chhorvivorn

Deputy Director

Mr. Ek Marady

Admin/Finance Manager

Mr. Yip Phanith

Program Manager

Mr. Sin Sokhan

M&E Officer

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