6 Mar


នៅថ្ងៃទី៦ ខែមីនា​​​​​ឆ្នាំ​២០២២...

In 2021, Village Support Group guided its fleet towards its goals, vision, mission and values ​​by cooperating with donors, provincial and national development partners, and commune, district and district administrations. Capital, province. Especially under the dedicated efforts of the target communities, including: Community Communities, Fisheries, Village Health Support Groups, Communities, Protected Areas, Entrepreneurs, Young Women, Social Accountability Working Group, Fish Pond Committee, etc. Achievements that the Village Support Group has achieved in key areas such as: natural resources and environment, health, hygiene, food security and nutrition, economic, social and governance rights. We work through our efforts to build capacity and strengthen community participation. We find that most communities, especially the most vulnerable, are more aware of their rights and the importance of participating in development work. Of Commune, Sangkat, Municipality, District, Capital and Provincial Administration in assisting the Royal Government to contribute to poverty reduction, implementation of the National Program, National Development Strategic Plan 2019-2023 and the Rectangular Strategy Phase 4 and other national policies, etc.

In addition, we strongly contribute to the Royal Government in ensuring the achievement of Cambodia’s Sustainable Development Goals (CSDGs) on:

  • Goal 1: No Poverty
  • Second goal: no hunger
  • Objective 3: Good health
  • Objective 5: Gender Equality
  • Objective 6: Clean water and sanitation
  • Objective 8: Good job and economy
  • Objective 12: Use resources responsibly
  • Goal 17: Partners for Sustainable Development

On the other hand, we see that “improving food security and nutrition will improve the lives of people out of poverty and hunger to one hundred percent (100%) by 2030 is reflected in the achievements. All this. On the other hand, the livelihood of the community is better as they can think of more jobs and have specific methods to ensure that their rice, vegetables, crops and animal husbandry have a good yield, high income appropriate. Expenditures to contribute to maintaining high and sustainable economic growth The government has set out and is implementing the Cambodian Industrial Development Policy 2015-2025. Implementation of the Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan. We focus on community development and capacity building on perspectives on climate change and disaster risk reduction, and on risk assessments, vulnerabilities and capabilities. We also observe that “some of the communities we have trained, they know how to plan well each year to reduce the risk of disasters caused by climate change, by incorporating agricultural activities adapted to change. “The weather as well as the disaster prevention plan.” In particular, promoting good governance at the local level, strengthening participation to promote quality, transparent, accountable and equitable service delivery to the people is crucial to the development of sub-national administrations. In addition, the Village Support Group has implemented donor projects to help ensure the sustainable management and use of natural resources (forests and flooded forests).

Indeed, the Needs Assessment Study in the Covid Crisis 19:

  1. A) This assessment is to be conducted through face-to-face interviews by telephone or other means of communication, such as telegram or through a partner, but must apply the ethical principles of the Ministry of Health or the guidelines of each institution to Prevent Covid infection 19.

B). The interviewers can be people, commune chiefs, village chiefs, commune councilors who know about the situation in the whole commune.

As a leader and coordinator of various networks involved in good governance practices at the sub-national level. We will continue to collaborate and work with the Royal Government, especially sub-national authorities, the private sector, associations and NGOs, donors, development partners and network partners to participate in environmental impact assessments, as well as provide feedback as well as work with Sub-national administrations to minimize environmental and social impacts, as well as to improve good governance and contribute to the implementation of government decentralization and deconcentration reform principles. As a result, in collaboration with a network of NGOs at both the provincial and national levels, we have been able to provide policy-level recommendations to relevant ministries and institutions, including: (1). Mid-Term Review of the Second National Strategy for Food Security and Nutrition 2019-2023 (By EU-FAO First Program). The second time). Summary of Review and Evaluation of Roadmap for Accelerating Nutrition Improvement 2014-2020 and Plan for the Second Phase (2nd FTRMIN By MOH). Update on the Implementation of the Global Action Plan to Respond to Childhood Malnutrition and Nutrition-Related Commitments for Growth (N4G) By UNICEF IV). Recent Analysis Updates: Nutritional Changes, Individual Dietary Score (IDDS), Minimum Adequate Diet (MAD) By GIZ 5th). Attention to Youth by the Nutrition Champion Youth Group with the Council for Agricultural and Rural Development of the Office of the Council of Ministers. We have been leading and coordinating the regular Food Security and Nutrition Forum since 2003 and have already participated in the 74th Forum, a forum organized by the Ministry of Institutions and relevant development partners to share good experiences. Implemented in the past, disseminated new work, collected information and selected important topics for submission to the meeting of the Joint Technical Working Group on Food Security. The mid-term review of the National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) 2019-2023 is based on the impact of the 199 Kovid epidemic and provides input on indicators on: 1. Promoting governance reform and 2. Favorable environment based on the quality of the field of work, skills, etc. Participated in the drafting of the Country Partnership Framework with the World Bank Representative, the first phase to develop the Country Partnership Framework (CPF) for 2019-2023. These plans are to continue to engage with multilateral stakeholders in the country, to comment on draft environmental impact assessments and to contribute input to the draft law on access to information, the law on governance. Fisheries resources every year with the relevant ministries are never interrupted. On the other hand, through the Village Support Group’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025, we have observed that “the implementation of our work in 2021 will be even faster because we have a specific strategy to increase, strengthen and provide Courage for people in the community, especially women and vulnerable people, to participate and decide on development work with sub-national authorities, which is key to the social development of Cambodia’s Sustainable Development Goals (CSDGs). Success according to the plan is certain.

The Village Support Group’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025 focuses on natural resource management, climate change adaptation, food security and nutrition, support for local communities on social development, good governance, and the promotion of small business. As well as improving the livelihood of the community out of poverty is a mechanism to contribute to the first, second, third, fifth, sixth, eighth, twelfth and 17th goals of the development goals. Sustainability (CSDGs), as mentioned above, succeed in our institutional plan.

Finally, we would like to thank all the national and international donors, local community councils, staff, colleagues, NGO support groups at all levels, the private sector, sub-national and national government institutions, as well as other stakeholders for their support and participation. Our institution has the strength to fulfill its mission and to contribute to the Royal Government on the implementation of the Royal Government’s national policy successfully according to the actual plan. We also hope that “all these gestures and practices will be stronger in 2022.”

As the Executive Director of Village Support Group, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the owners of the development partners, associations, civil society organizations, sub-national administrations, the private sector, especially the target communities and projects that have contributed to the financing of the cooperation. Operation: Dedication of physical and mental strength and participation in project activities in various provinces in the past. In the meantime, I would like to extend my best wishes to you, Excellencies, Lok Chumteavs, Ladies and Gentlemen, with a smile full of peace, prosperity, strength, prosperity and happiness in the family forever, and please stay away from deadly diseases. All of them.